Future of 21st Century Databases meetup

Some takeaways from Future of 21st Century Databases meetup hosted by AppNexus in NYC and a roundtable featuring NoSQL db heavyweights :

  • Eliot Horowitz, CTO and Co-Founder, 10gen / MongoDB
  • Barry Morris, Founder and CEO, NuoDB
  • Bob Wiederhold, President and CEO, Couchbase

SQL interface but NOSQL underneath
Doesn’t have a document model as yet
The How to elastically scale SQL problem has been solved
NuoDB isn’t open source yet.
Largest known installation: 400 nodes w/ sharding

Many travel sites use CouchDB – e.g. Orbitz migrated its cache from Oracle Coherence
to Couchbase. Full presentation here.
Couchbase doesn’t consider NuoDB a competitor since NuoDB isn’t really document database.
Couchbase DevDays – ways to build up skills
Largest known installation: 80 nodes w/ no application sharding
SQL databases will still be around – but growth area is NOSQL

Mongo has document features more than Couchbase
Largest known installation: 100 nodes w/ no application sharding